Programmatic app user acquisition
Get quality users at scale

Reach your user acquisition goals and improve ROAS with our programmatic

advertising platform and proprietary machine learning algorithms. Optimize for quality without sacrificing scale.

Global reach, massive scale

We’ve got the reach you need to acquire quality users. And you’ll have access to our team of mobile experts every step of the way.


Global devices reached monthly


Ad impressions served monthly


Publisher apps reached monthly

Reach your right users at scale

We provide a global scale to reach your potential users and we support multi-dimensional targeting tactics
including demographics, interest, behavior, …etc to get your app discovered by more users and grow your user base.

Grow higher ad revenue

Excavate the value of every ad space, making publishers succeed in both premium user experience and higher revenue.

Easily integrated RTB/ API/ TAG/ SDK

Monetize with multi-platform support, diverse ad formats, in-app bidding, and premium ad resources.

Integrated by 3,500+ mobile app publishers
All integration methods available

Connect to global high-quality demands

We work with thousands of advertisers worldwide, so you can get access to

our global premium demands. And we deliver the most appropriate ads that
match the interests of your users with the best bids to boost your ad revenue.

What do our partnered advertisers say?

It has been an awesome experience to work with strategic partner like
Cheetah Ads Innovation on user acquisation. Cheetah Ads Innovation is a really
strong and visionary network that delivers targeted ROI. Moreover, their team
is very supportive and efficient, which makes it a great pleasure to cooperate
and we are looking forward to expanding our business through Cheetah Ads Innovation.

What do our partnered publishers say?

By the end of April 2019 Cheetah Ads Innovation was helping Voodoo to monetize
over 40 titles with programmatic in-game ads, making Cheetah Ads Innovation
Voodoo’s top monetization partner in China.
Shumin DaiUser Acquisition and Monetization Manager at Voodoo.

About Us

Our Co-founders are Industry professionals from the top 5 agencies with expertise
ranging over 10 years and who have developed an insight-driven mobile technology company
that enables partners to turn data into logical achievements.

We are pioneers in customized campaign solutions, 24/7 brand solutions, AI & Big Data
based technology that will help your brand app grow at a sky breaking level.

Our key focus being big data, we are also focusing on separating the relevant users from
chaos, to help you find the right user group. This will benefit the user with enhanced
performance and give us high visibility and expertise on traffic flow.

We can help bringing together amazing apps and some of the world's top brands using
high-performance ad formats that simply work.

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